(For 3 Months)
The osteo-arthritis care package will be recommended by the doctor based on the inputs after the mandatory primary holistic health consultation.
Acupuncture: 24 Yoga Therapy: 07 Diet Consultation: 01 Counseling: SOS (Chargeable)
Duration/ Session : 60-90 Min

Osteoarthritis is characterized by pain & stiffness as a result of wear & tear of the structures in and around our joints. One of the commonly affected joints is of our knees & is followed by hip joints as they are the major weight bearing joints in our body. It is very common in women post their menopause due to lack of hormonal support that the body goes through. It is characterized by pain, stiffness, joint sounds while in movement and weakness in & around the joint.

Osteoarthritis will require multimodal approaches like reducing inflammation, strengthening the supportive muscles & ligaments along with internal nourishment to manage it.

Anandamaya Wellness Center provides it you with utmost care & customization through treatment modalities like acupuncture, yoga therapy, diet & life style modification.