Dr. Gurudatta H K, BNYS, FCRSW started Anandamaya Wellness Center in 2007. With a profound experience for 12 years in the traditional healing sciences he decided to render his experience and expertise to the community. He is committed to providing a high quality personal and professional health care service to help each of his clients to attain a state of Ananda (Bliss) through a personalized and integrated approach of the traditional healing sciences of Naturopathy, Yoga, Traditional Chinese medicine, & Ayurveda.

"If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream"

Why Anandamaya & What Make Us Unique?

Anandamaya Wellness's Strengths!

  • Confidentiality of your information is maintained
  • Integrity and transparency in the services
  • Privacy during your consultation and therapy is followed
  • Affordable costs of the treatment
  • Health promotion and maintenance with natural medication without any adverse effects
  • Authentic and traditional healing methods to heal you from within.
  • Profound experience of 25 years in traditional system of medicine practice
  • Specialized consultations in Acupuncture, Acupressure, Naturopathy & Yoga therapy

Why Choose Naturopathic Therapies?

  • Naturopathic therapies are drugless and have very minimal adverse effects
  • Works with nature’s principles to activate your inner healing capabilities
  • Holistic and subjective to each individual
  • Prevention of ailments and maintenance of health is given utmost importance
  • Views health as a state of homeostasis and disease as imbalance of our physiological functioning

Why Choose Acupuncture Therapy?

  • An effective integrative method of healing with other systems of medicine.
  • A popular and effective form of therapeutic tool across the world for its holistic approach
  • Drugless therapy with very minimal side effects
  • Very effective for pain management without any drugs
  • Brings in a state of homeostasis, heals us from within and balance our energies

The Practice of Holistic Medicine!

  • Holistic medicine brings about a state of balance in our physical, breath and mental layers of being
  • Can be integrated with the conventional system of medicine to promote and maintain optimal health
  • Disease is viewed as a state of imbalance rather than an outcome of an objective cause.
  • Holistic medicine helps to heal us from within
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