(For 3 Months)
The cancer care package will be recommended by the doctor based on the inputs after the mandatory primary holistic health consultation.
Acupuncture: 20 Yoga Therapy: 14 Diet Consultation: 01 Reflexology: 08 Counseling: 02
Duration/ Session : 60-90 Min

Cancer as a disease, its treatment modalities, financial burden along with functional disabilities and social stigma can take a toll in one’s quality of life and further deteriorate the health condition of the individual. Integrating naturopathy and yoga therapeutic modalities with conventional cancer care will not only improve the treatment outcome but also improve one’s functionality and quality of life.

During conventional treatment process, acupuncture, yoga practice and mindful nutritious food intake will help in managing the side effects of the treatments, improve sleep quality, improve appetite, manage fatigue, manage chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting as well anxiety and depression. Post cancer care treatment, these therapies will play a major role in rehabilitation managing certain long-term side effects of treatments as well as certain functional disabilities as a result of cancer and prevention of recurrences.

During end of life care, our therapies including counseling will act with palliative intent as well as in management of spiritual distress. We at Anandamaya wellness center will be glad to stay with you in your cancer journey not only enhance your health physically but also to help you rediscover yourself with joyous acceptance and confidence.