(For 3 Months)
The Holistic Post-natal rejuvenation package will be recommended by the doctor based on the inputs after the mandatory primary holistic health consultation. The package includes acupuncture sessions, yoga therapy sessions, one detailed diet & nutrition plan consultation, information on home remedies, Reflexology & counseling.
Acupuncture: 12 Yoga Therapy: 08 Diet consultation: 01 Reflexology: 03 Counseling: 01
Duration/ Session : 60-90 Min

In the entire process of giving birth to a baby, women go through a lot of physiological and psychological alterations so as to provide utmost comfort to the baby physically and mentally.

In the joy of giving birth, women often also go through sleeplessness, lower and upper back pain, fatigue, digestive issues, anxiety and / or depression and mood fluctuations. It becomes very important that the new mother is also given all the support and comfort to enhance her physical and mental health.

We at Anandamaya Wellness are at pleasure to listen to all your confusions and help you sort them out and to get back to track with optimal health by using traditional techniques like yoga, counseling, acupuncture therapy along with helping you with diet and nutritional education.


  • Nourishment of the mother so as to stay healthy and provide health to the baby.
  • Improve resilience.
  • Prevention and Management of Musculo-skeletal issues like upper & lower back pain.
  • Improve the quality of sleep.
  • Help with relaxing the mind to overcome mood fluctuations, anxiousness & postpartum depression.
  • Management of gestational diabetes & hypertension.
  • Help with toning the body with yogic practices along with weight management.