(For 3 Months)
The Holistic Ante-natal care package will be recommended by the doctor based on the inputs after the mandatory primary holistic health consultation. The package includes acupuncture sessions, yoga therapy sessions, one detailed diet & nutrition plan consultation, information on home remedies, Reflexology & counseling.
Acupuncture: 25 Yoga Therapy: 12 Diet Consultation: 01 Reflexology: 05 Counseling: 01
Duration/ Session : 60-90 Min

Pregnancy for a woman is the mark of her patience and strength. She gives her entire self for the growth of a new generation. During this period, it is very important that her and her baby’s physical and mental health is ensured to its optimum for a healthy generation and society.

Through Traditional healing systems like acupuncture, yoga, naturopathy and traditional holistic nutrition, we at Anandamaya wellness Center wish to walk with her on the path of pregnancy to make it comfortable & enjoyable ?


  • Enhance positive energy within the body and mind.
  • Improves the circulation of blood & fluids through customized yoga practice thereby ensuring optimal nutrition to the fetus.
  • Advise on the holistic nutrition for optimal nourishment of the mother and the growing fetus.
  • Betterment in the quality of sleep through holistic therapies including acupuncture and yoga therapy.
  • Prevention and management of early morning sickness (nausea and vomiting), fatigue, GERD, constipation, acidity and related gastro-intestinal complaints.
  • Prevention and Management of anxiety and mood fluctuations.
  • Prevention and Management of gestational diabetes mellitus and hypertension.
  • Prevention and Management of lower back pain.