Acupuncture for Anxiety and Depression
Acupuncture | Nov 24, 2021

Here, we are sharing our experience of treating a health client (patient) who visited our Clinic with complaints of anxiety and depression for the past several years.

She was 42 years old and on one evening along with her husband came for a detailed consultation & analysis and complained of sleeplessness, restlessness, hot flushes, irregular periods, feeling of sadness and fear, graying of hair with increased hair fall and self-talk for the past one year. These symptoms have been gradually increasingThe family was concerned with her behavior and consulted a psychiatrist who put her on anti-depressants and anxiolytics. Patient being apprehensive of taking medicines and she was neither very comfortable with them nor did she find much benefits from them.

Following our detailed analysis & consultation taking into account about her complaints and also understanding about the perspective of traditional medical sciences (we integrate Yoga & Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurvedic principles), we advised her to start with acupuncture sessions.

With 9 sittings of Acupuncture in a span of 3 weeks, she has been able to sleep well, restlessness has reduced considerably, hot flushes are occasional, self-talk has reduced significantly and she has been able to focus more on her hobbies. Counseling sessions & Lifestyle advice were also integrated along with Acupuncture therapy.


Acupuncture is a traditional science that involves insertion of very fine needles to specific points on the body for specific duration. These points are spread across the whole body on energy channels or meridians. The energy called Qi (Pronounced as Chi) is responsible for all the physical, psychological and cognitive, social and spiritual functions. The free and harmonious flow of energy is health and any disturbance in the energy flow leads to disease.


  • Among all the other known causes for disturbed energy flow, psychological conflicts within or with the external world are very common especially in these times.
  • Excessive Fear, sadness, overthinking, anger and such negative emotions can disturb the harmony in the energy flow.
  • The disturbance will cause imbalance resulting in excess or blockage and deficiency of the energy hampering normal functioning of the body and the mind.

Mechanism of Action

With Acupuncture therapy, when needles are inserted to selected energy points on the channels, the energy flow is regulated, physiological imbalances are brought to harmony and normal functions are enabled.

When energy flow is blocked, Acupuncture therapy will clear the energy block leading to ease in the flow. Based on whether the pattern is excess or deficient, the direction of needling is altered and energy flow is regulated.

The normalcy in energy flow will not only take care of the physical symptoms but also will help in clear thinking and perception. Counseling, when integrated will hasten the process and improve the outcome of the treatment.


Acupuncture will work wonders only for those who allow the treatment to happen with ease and belief on the treatment. It is to be noted that we Doctors have 40 % and the patient will have 60 % to contribute in the journey towards healing.

Dr. Deepashree S, BNYS, MSCCFT, Consultant, Anandamaya Wellness Center

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