(For 3 Months)
The hypertension care package will be recommended by the doctor based on the inputs after the mandatory primary holistic health consultation.
Acupuncture: 24 Yoga Therapy: 14 Diet Consultation: 01 Reflexology: 06 Counseling: 01
Duration/ Session : 60-90 Min

Hypertension is an increase in the blood pressure leading to various complications including stroke & kidney disease.

It can be due to multiple reasons and various factors of our lifestyle including food pattern, exercise regime and our psychological state which alters our physiology and thereby our blood pressure.

If you are going through hypertension and other associated symptoms like recurrent headaches, fatigue, breathlessness, sleep disturbances, anxiousness and other associated symptoms; it’s time that you think of understanding how lifestyle and food habits modification can help in the management of hypertension.

With Acupuncture and Yoga along with dietary modification, learn how you can manage hypertension at Anandamaya Wellness Center.