Yoga Videos

Welcome to Yoga videos of Anandamaya Wellness Center. Yoga is beyond doubt a great ancient Indian resource to strengthen, center and awaken your body, mind and soul. With our vast library of yoga videos the possibilities for positive change are endless.

Conceptualization & Inspiration : Monique Cardell, Ph.D.
Direction & Editing : Phosphenes FILM & DESIGN, Bangalore
Yogic techniques performed by : Dr H K Gurudatta, BNYS

Traditional Introduction about Yoga

The basic concept of Yoga explained by Dr Gurudatta H K based on Panchakosha theory of VEDAS.

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Yogic Relaxation - Shavasana

Relaxation is the need of the day!! Spend 10 min to relax your body, breath, emotions, mind & intellect. The most effective yogic way to practice and attain a state of relaxation in all your activities through the day or for the good sleep at night.

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Sun Salutations - Suryanamaskars

Sun Salutation is one of the very significant part of Yoga practice. It is complete practice for our physical body to enhance its flexibility. Brings about functional balance to our sensory, digestive, respiratory...

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Hatha Yoga

A comprehensive practice of Yoga in terms of physical body. This video has a compilation of Yoga asanas in standing, supine, prone and sitting posture for well-being. Please practice it regularly for a complete fitness physically, emotionally & intellectually.

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Yoga-Pranayamas & Meditation

Breath regulation has been proven to be effective in achieving a state of Homoeostasis of physiological aspect of our human body. It is also effective in bringing about calmness of our minds and reducing our day-to-day stresses. Meditation has been proven beyond doubt about its effect on our physical, breath, emotions, mind and intellectual functioning!! All we need to do is to practice Pranayamas & Meditation regularly for beautiful body, breath & mind.

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Yoga Nidra - Yogic sleep

Yoga Nidra is one of the most important tool we require to learn how to relax and manage our day-to-day stresses. It is a ancient Indian technique specialized to relax our body, breath & energies, emotions & mind along with the intellect.
It is believed that if we master the technique of yoga nidra with regular & deligent practice, its effects are equal to 3 - 4 hours of our regular sleep!!!

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