My first meeting with Dr. Guru was immediately insightful. He is punctual and professional and has a very attentive and individual approach towards his clients. My learning began with a detailed evaluation interview.

Throughout my yoga therapy sessions with Dr. Guru, I learned how to achieve a balance between body and mind that has helped me to maintain a positive outlook, feel healthier and happier in general, better dealing with the stress of a career as a senior project manager for a world leading software company.

The lessons were highly customized and educational, providing tangible and tremendous benefits. I understood the effects of each exercise on my body, and the order in which to apply them to achieve my desired results.

What I also enjoyed about sessions with Dr. Guru is learning about the history of yoga, spirituality and traditional medicine, including beauty tips.

As a result, I have a yoga routine for life, designed uniquely for me, by a genuine Indian Yogi. It is a routine I can perform anytime, anywhere, at home or when traveling.

As Dr. Guru also practices massage therapy, it was very advantageous to receive the treatments from the same practitioner, who can apply therapy in balance with yoga.

If you are looking for achieving results and an enlightening journey, I definitely recommend Dr. Guru, as for me that was decidedly an experience of a life time!

Ms Tatiana Kotova

Senior Project Manager for leading US Software Company
Toronto, Canada

Dr H K Gurudatta's classes allowed me to go deep within my yoga practice, relaxing my mind and body. I thoroughly enjoyed the one-on-one benefits of his classes, with each session focused to my own personal needs. I would recommend his classes to anyone

Joel Tozer

Student of Journalism, Australia

I feel very grateful about what I learnt during these one and half months of yoga practice. I found out a lot of things about my tendencies to control everything, and I discovered that a relaxed body and mind would value the mind further with strong will & concentration. Thank you for showing me how to judge and let things happen.

Frank Weigand

Artist, Germany

I have been consulting Dr. Gurudatta for past 4 years on issues like stress management, lower back pain, diet, wellness etc and am extremely benefitted. I have also availed services like acupuncture, herbal compress, meditation/pranayama and yoga therapy.

I have experienced a high degree of customization and complete involvement (unlike doctors’ keen to give consultation to maximum number of people in minimum time in a hurried manner) with all the issues faced by me. What I like the most is the emphasis on continuous feedback during the therapy/session so as to evaluate the efficacy of the treatment. Care and concern shown towards the issues faced by me is exemplary. What fascinates me is the fact that one place offering naturopathy, Ayurveda, Chinese- and the expertise with which the physician blends them to suit individual requirements.

I wish Dr. Gurudatta all the very best in his new independent venture.

Ajay Gupta

Insurance Professional, LIC of India, Bangalore

I have been suffering from Acute Bronchitis since age of 8 years. Now I’m 34 years. To complicate my history of suffering I am working for Software Company. As known the professional hazard brought me with more health hazards (back ache, body pains, joint pains, stress) to my already suffering. So there were two elements of sufferings, one from childhood and another professional hazard. To complicate further in Sep 2004, I met with road accident and was bed ridden for 6 months being unable to stand on my knees.

I was first introduced to Dr. Gurudatta by another friend. Dr. Gurudatta diagnosed my accident knees and offered advice to undergo a 21 days Physio therapy combined with Naturopathy treatment at his clinic, a unique combination of therapy never heard before but experienced for the first time and was astonished to be able to stand on my knees at the end of 21 day treatment. I was able to stand and walk also.

Then I started discussing my various other health issues with Dr. Gurudatta. I must say his method of diagnosis, recording the case and his ability to suggest wide spectrum of natural therapies be it Aroma therapy, Naturopathy, Yoga, Acupressure or even advise on food suitable to one’s body composition is amazing and unique in all respects. In essence Dr. Gurudatta took a holistic approach to my reported health problems. Now I’m able to maintain good health that has resulted in drastically reducing the usage of Inhalers for Bronchitis, my professional health problems are minimum/null at times with Yoga postures, Water & Aroma therapies that are basically practiced at home based on Dr. Gurudatta advice. I have high regards for Dr. Gurudatta.

Sree Harsha K.C.

Consultant, Software Professional, Bangalore

I met Dr. Gurudatta for severe acidity problems along with Software professional health hazard. In my first meeting itself I was impressed with his diagnosis and was determined to continue to undergo therapy as per his advice in his clinic. Due to inflammation in my joints I was unable to even do my daily duties and was suffering from enormous pain. Dr. Gurudatta dealt my case so uniquely that in next 6 months I recovered from joint pains. First his advice was to apply medicated oil all over body and take bath. Then he gave oil massage to affected joints with steam application. Later on, he commenced Acupressure that helped me to recover completely. Further after all treatment, Dr. Gurudatta advised to maintain the health through Yoga postures, water/Aroma therapies that is so easy to do at home. Before meeting Dr. Gurudatta, I had visited various specialists including Orthopedic, Neurologist etc but had no great success.

I must say that Dr. Gurudatta basically deals each patient case very uniquely which is no less than any Art and Science. Dr. Gurudatta provides long term healing solutions through unique combination of therapies bringing both rehabilitation and joy to one and all.

Savitha Sree Harsha

Software Professional, Bangalore

I got Dr Gurudatta's number from JustDial service in 2007 and visited him for a health related problem. I was very happy with two things - The plus points of visiting his clinic are Holistic Healing approach and the Doctor himself who was not just academically qualified but also an experienced practitioner. The Natural healing therapy sessions that I have taken from Dr Gurudatta were very useful. What I felt that set him apart was his insightful diagnosis and ability to listen carefully and patiently. I also realized the value of knowing one's body constitution, once I started following the food/diet booklet he had prescribed for my body type. In addition to food prescription, based on my body type, he advised me what kind of exercises to take up (swimming in my case) which has yielded very good results.

Ashwin Jayaram

Software Professional, Bangalore

I came to Dr Guru with severe wrist joint pain and after trying various medications including steroid injections. With his wonderful wisdom, he not only cured me, but through his holistic approach helped me to prevent the problem from returning. I would recommend him for people seeking not only to cure but to root out the cause of their health problem.

Pavithra R

Business Woman, Bangalore

I came to Dr Gurudatta with my lower back pain. When I met him, was so depressed about my problem at the young age. First thing is that, he made me to come out of depression before starting any treatment. Followed by his assurance and counselling, I got complete confidence on myself and on him too to handle the problem. Then he advised me Acupressure, followed by Acupuncture, Holistic Diet Consultation (Based on Ayurvedic Concepts) and Herbal compress, which gave me a lot of relief from my nagging low back pain. Not only the treatment, he also taught me real YOGA which gave relief from my pain and also helping me to maintain a good health. In this way he resolved my problem. The good thing about him is the way he handles the patients, very calm and cool way! I can say anybody with low back pain should consult Dr Gurudatta for best holistic solutions.


Software professional, Bangalore

My name is Monique Cardell. I arrived in Bangalore on February 1st, 2010. On February 2nd,2010, I lifted something heavy and I injured my back.

I could see that I needed help. But what to do? Where to go?

After meditating on what to do about this back injury, I got the firm feeling that I needed Acupuncture. I looked up on google for acupuncturists in Bangalore. I had no telephone directory. I found Dr Gurudatta.

A friend of mine who lives in Bangalore called Dr Gurudatta and obtained an appointment for me. He and his family accompanied me to Dr Gurudatta's office. I was in real pain. I was agitated by the pain and by the jet lag, etc.

Dr Gurudatta first listened to me carefully and earnestly. This in itself comforted me. Then, he applied the needles on my back and I started to feel better right away. I now am much better. I can function, I can travel and I can live again. I only have to be careful not to lift something heavy for a while, and I have to practice yoga, which I also did with Dr Gurudatta who indicated to me the asanas which would be specifically beneficial to my back.

I have received acupuncture treatment in France, in the US and in Belgium. I must say that Dr Gurudatta is to me the best acupuncturist I ever had. Thorough, earnest and compassionate, he also has a unique method of placing the needles. He makes the patient take a deep breath while he inserts the needle (made in USA and all fresh, clean and from individual packages). With this deep breath, the patient practically does not feel the needle being inserted. No pain. To me, this is new and very welcome!

I feel lucky to have found Dr Gurudatta in a city which I did not know. I like to go to his office. I know I will feel better there, but also, it is calm and provides a little haven for me

Monique L Cardell

Ph.D - From Washington, NJ, USA

I am Sandeep Shah working in an IT company at Bangalore & have been suffering from backaches due to continuous sitting with sedentry work for almost 12 hours a day for the past several years.

I came to know about Anandamaya Wellness Center through internet. One fine day I decided to visit the clinic after obtaining an appointment. That was the first time I met Dr Gurudatta and was impressed the way he went through my case history with a Holistic Consultation.

Based on the inputs of the Holistic Consultation, he suggested me to have 5 weeks of Yoga therapy program (about 3 sessions a week) to avoid further damage to body & start a fresh life with yoga & meditation.

To start with, he suggested me to go for SUKSHMA VYAYAMA followed by Suryanamaskars, yogic postures & pranayamas. The best wasy of this program is that, it is one on one based teaching. So, the Doctor can concentrate completely on individual rather than a group of participants. My program started early in the morning between 6 to 7 AM which made me really feel better on completion of the session.

Step by step progress helped me a lot to understand the value of each of our organ/body part which normally we ignore in our daily life.

I personally thank Dr Gurudatta & wish him to share his valuable expertise and practices to the society so that it improves the lifestyle of an individual.

Mr Sandeep Shah

IT Professional, Bangalore

I had been suffering from stress, tension, anger, low energy (fatigue) and low in confidence and was looking our for some help through Yoga. Having found about you and your center through the internet, I was keen to take up your therapeutic yoga program. Following an appointment, I went through the Holistic consultation and started with the customized therapeutic yoga program for 5 weeks. The teaching has been wonderful (one - on - one based, not a group session, giving personal attention & care) which helped me to get back my energies, reduce my stress, increase my enthusiasm, improve my physical flexibility and also build my confidence to deal with the day to day life and stresses. Presently I am able to practice whatever has been taught independently without the help of instructor or teacher. The practice is making me pretty much relaxed through the day and also I am feelinghealthier and fit both physically and mentally.

Thanks a lot and I am willing to refer my friends to join your yoga program.

Mr Thyagaraju

Software Professional. thyaag_raju@yahoo.co.in

I was and am suffering from back ache (to complicate it more in medical terms, I have prolapse disc at L4 - L5 & L5 - S1 vertebrae) since 3 years. Whatever you call, it pains and it pains too much, it pains even more when I think that am just 34 years old and have two very young kids at home and not able to lift them and play with them at park. Have been to renowned ortho & neuro doctors before. Their advice was surgery with no guarantee that I will be recovered fully. I kept searching on net of what are the possible treatments and came across with Dr Gurudatta's Anandamaya Wellness Center. I took an appointment and came with a thought let me try this. The first meeting with Doctor gave me confidence that I can keep myself away from surgery. Based in Doctor's advice we started a unique combination of Acupuncture, Acupressure & Massage therapies and could see a marked improvement within a few sittings. The best I liked with Dr Gurudatta is his one on one treatment. He was available to the best suitable time for me. I have taken treatment as early as 6 AM. Have taken treatment for close to 6 months, 1 - 3 times in a week depending on my condition and suitable timing as I had to travel out of city for some weeks. Today I am comfortable and do some stretching exercises, in case if I stress myself at work beyond 10 hours in a day. Sometimes I used to discuss with Doctor on his expansion of practice which he always avoided, stating that he is happy & finds satisfaction with the personnel attention & bond with his patients. I think the corporate medical houses must take some lesson from him.

Mr Kunwar Alok

Senior Manager - IT, In a leading Indian Software company, Bangalore

I had come to Dr Guru with a common problem that is affecting most youngsters and adults these days. I am only 21 years old and I have had various neurotic problems since childhood that made my life very difficult  for me, with friends, family and in general interaction with people. With just 2 weeks of yoga therapy and appropriate psychological help from Dr Guru, I am now in a perfect form. I no longer face any anxiety, stress, fear or tension. The key was to practice Yoga daily as per Dr Guru's instructions and all the answers to the issues in my life were clear to me as though I always had them . It was all very spontaneous and quick, more like a miracle. I think Dr Guru is the best thing that ever happened to me. I would recommend anyone looking for the best way of healing in a natural and fast manner to consult Dr Gurudatta.

Gautham Kurup


Although I live in a rural area in NJ, USA, pretty calm and far away from the turmoil and noises of big cities, I have my share of stress where I dwell. The harshness of the last winter for instance was one hurdle following many others and accompanying yet more stressful situations. From NJ, I was already imagining the good care of Dr Gurudatta. Last year, Dr Gurudatta with his good needles had helped me with the severe back pains.

I came back to Bangalore to be in what I call my little haven in this huge city. Dr Gurudatta also guides me in yoga sessions which he has devised and adjusted to my needs and my nowadays capabilities.

His practice is indeed my little haven. I feel well there and safe. I know I will feel better and better. After a month under his treatment, I feel much better at all levels - mentally as well as physically.

Dr Gurudatta is a very thorough practitioner, who listens to the specific needs of each of his patients.

And as a yoga teacher he shines in such a way that, as the ancient Indian text mentioned long ago, there is no enmity in his presence. In other words, I feel negativity and stress dissolve in me. 

That is why I came back to Bangalore.

Monique L Cardell

Ph.D., NJ, USA (during April - May 2011 visit to Bangalore)

Yoga therapy sessions with Dr Gurudatta were highly beneficial and inspirational for me. I was transformed both physically and psychologically. Relaxed and positive approach brought joy and energy in my everyday activities. Anandamaya Wellness Center helped me to readjust the balance in my life!

Tatiana Avdeeva

Sydney, Australia 

I would like to say that, enjoyed learning Yoga from Dr Gurudatta indeed and thank him for the same. The classes were very well structured and tailored according to my fitness level and body constitution. The kind of attention I got from him was simply amazing and the same was very important indeed. This ensured that I understood the breathing techniques in the right way and learn yoga the right way. You helped me to correct the mistakes and thanks for being patient with me.

Exchange of knowledge on meaning of Yoga, Power of Mind, Power of positive thinking and various other topics indeed made the whole session very enjoyable.

The way you explained Meditation was outstanding indeed. I admire your overall knowledge on diversified topics.

Dr Gurudatta helped me to develop my confidence and I progressed in my learning. I never imagined that I would be able to do the Surya Namaskar but he made it easy for me by the structured learning process.

This will go a long way in my life. I consider it as a long term investment towards my physical and mental well-being.

Rahul Kumar Prasad

Finance Professional  

I consulted Dr Gurudatta upon the recommendation from someone who was familiar with his institution and offerings. I am a senior citizen and had some specific issues regarding stress and anxiety. I found Dr Gurudatta quite understanding of my specific needs and he tailored a 3 week program to introduce me to yoga and how it can help deal with my issues. He was quite sensitive about my physical limitations also. I found him quite involved in making sure I was getting what I needed from the classes. His one-on-one personal sessions were particularly helpful since I could proceed at my own speed and capacity. He is quite knowledgeable about yoga as well as other treatment disciplines such as acupuncture, although I did not make use of these capabilities. I would consult him again if the need should arise.

Srinivas Mural

Engineer, USA

I was in treatment with Dr H K Gurudatta for 7 days in Anandamaya Wellness Center by Acupuncture therapy. When I arrived at Bangalore, India, had a strong & severe pain in my back. After the initial consultation he started with the Acupuncture therapy and by third day I started feeling better and good. After 7 days of treatment, I felt very good and the pains had vanished. Would like to thank Dr Gurudatta for his time and his advices which are highly valuable. I am going to be always grateful to him. Thanks for everything

Luis Robayo Peiez

Microbiologist, Costa Rica

As a result of an accident many years ago, I have suffered with lower back pain. Over the years I have tried various treatments in the UK such as massage, myofascial release, cranial osteopathy and traditional physiotherapy. Although this helped short term I still suffered and struggled with the lower back pain.

Whilst living and working in India in 2012 I had a CT scan done and it showed that I had Lumbar Spondylosis. This explains why I had so much pain and discomfort. A friend of mine recommended acupuncture and so I searched for a practitioner in Bangalore.

By luck I came across Anandamaya Wellness Center & Dr Gurudatta.

My first session was Acupuncture followed by a personal yoga session. I immediately noticed improvement and felt better after the session. Dr Gurudatta suggested that I continue to practice the yoga postures everyday as it would help stretch the muscles and increase flexibility. Every week I would experience improvements.

I continued to see him throughout the year for Acupuncture and the improvments in the lower back was amazing. Dr Gurudatta prescribed the use of Ayurvedic oils to massage on my back each day. All of these treatments and Dr Gurudatta's profound knowledge and experience contributed to and accelerated my healing process. It has been more than one year now and I am still doing the yoga postures that he taught and I am becoming more and more flexible and pain free.

Dr Gurudatta also treated me for nasal congestion and inner heat using the principles of Ayurveda and dietary advice. This had a immediate effect. Within one week all the nasal congestion had gone and the inner heat was much less.

I highly recommend Dr Gurudatta. He is totally dedicated to your health and well-being. If you are willing to follow his advice and make changes in your lifestyle, I am sure you will experience healing regardless of your condition.

Tom Morrison

43 years, UK 

When I came to India, was already suffering from Insomnia. Had taken different sleep medications and still did not get good undisturbed sleep. Also saw a psychiatrist who gave me medicines for anxiety disorder!! The psychiatrist advised me that I should also try other alternative methods like massage, herbal remedies, etc.

At this time, I read about Acupuncture and about Ananadamaya Wellness Clinic!! I made an appointment with Dr Gurudatta. In the very first acupuncture treatment, I had fairly good sleep, approximately 4 hours of undisturbed sleep. Initially I started with 3 sessions per week and later reduced to 2 sessions in a week. In addition to acupuncture, I had long discussions with the Dr Gurudatta which was always fruitful and gave lots of peace of mind. For a good sleep, he advised me to practice Yoga Nidra which helped quite well. All my experience with Dr Gurudatta has been very pleasant and fruitful.

After a month's treatment, I came back to Boston and continued with Acupuncture for 2 more months in addition to my medicines from psychiatrist!! Now my sleep is regular and restful.

Jayanthi Moorthy

Boston, USA

I had been suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia (TGN) from 2007 onwards. Several allopathic specialists were consulted and the only option was pain killer medications. I gathered the impressions that there is no treatment for this affliction. I started with Carbamazepine tablets (Controlled or Extended release) dosage of 200 mg, twice a day. As months and years rolled on, the dosage was increased to 400 mg twice a day. I was told that, I could go upto 3600 mg per day!! The prospect of a life long regimen of steady poisoning of my system did not appeal to me at all. But I had no choice. TGN used to appear at most inconvenient of times - morning while brushing the teeth, while eating or even during conversation.

I came across and 'ad' on cure for TGN through Acupuncture sometime in March 2014!! I enrolled for the treatment - 12 sittings total in a frequency of 3 sittings per week, each sitting being about 30 minutes. The treatment commenced from March 19th, 2014. After about 8 sittings for so, there were two interruptions - one due to a urgent personal business and another due to illness not linked to TGN!! So my treatment was extended. In all I attended about 20 or 22 sittings.

As the treatment was drawing to a close, I could sense gradual improvement. However, I was advised not to discontinue the medicines for some more time. I was told that my system is accustomed to the medication for about 7 years and sudden withdrawal will not be a correct step. As I write this note in the beginning of July, 2014, I feel I have left the severe pain of TGN behind!! Occasionaly TGN does make an appearance but in a very mild form and that too quite infrequently. This has encouraged me to consider reduction of dosage of pain killers. I intent to taper it of in slow steps in the very near future.

Mrs Premila Pillay

67 years, Home - Maker, Bangalore