Mud & Herbal therapy is a careful application in the form of compresses on the body to bring in a harmony of metabolic functions.

Mud is known for its effects of cooling, which in turn helps in elimination of toxins and revitalization of the body, while at the same time calming the emotions.

Herbal compresses applied on different parts of the body balances the energies and brings in a state of Anandamaya in the annamaya kosha (physical body), pranamaya (the breath), manomaya kosha (mind & emotions) and vijnanamaya kosha (the intellect). Herbal compresses and foot soaks at Anandamaya Wellness Center are unique features of our treatment and have given profound effects in the management of digestive disorders, headaches and inflammatory conditions.

Mud & Herbal therapies address Annamaya, Pranamaya & Manomaya koshas.