Wellness diet & nutrition addresses the existence and wellness of Annamaya Kosha predominantly, but also has its effects on Pranamaya & Manomaya koshas, and thereby helps in synchronizing the other planes of being.

The diet & nutrition plan at Anandamaya Wellness Center is a unique one, as the constitution of each individual based on the Pancha Koshas (the Five Sheaths) is assessed and a personalized diet & nutrition plan is recommended.

We human beings are part & parcel of Mother Nature, like all other animals. We respond to environmental changes & seasonal changes both physically & mentally. Our diet & nutrition also need to address these changes, whereby we can maintain wellness of our Pancha Koshas namely Annamaya (Physical being), Pranamaya (breath), Manomaya (mental & emotional being), Vijnanamaya (intellectual being) leading to  Anandamaya (bliss).

Our wellness approach gives importance to organically grown grains, fruits & vegetables which are enriched with all the natural elements. This  maintains a mutual balance between environment & humans.

Wellness diet & nutrition also addresses subtle factors like individual tastes (which in itself would have an effect on the mental satisfaction of ingesting food), calories (required to each individual based on each individual’s activity), part of the world they are residing in (whether it is temperate or tropical) and eating habits.

Wellness diet & nutrition takes into account all these factors in order to achieve optimum wellness of the Annamaya kosha (physical body), Pranamaya kosha (the breath), Manomaya kosha (the mind) and Vijnanamaya kosha (the intellect).