Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis is an ancient tool of diagnosis, wherein it helps to understand the internal imbalances at all planes of being.

In terms of Ayurveda, it will help us to determine the imbalances between vata, pitta & kapha.

In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pulse diagnosis helps us to find our condition of ‘chi’ & five elements.

According to modern science, pulse is a tool to understand the state of our cardio-vascular system and general well-being of our physical body.


Iridology is a science which acts as a window to understand the state of wellness of our body at all planes.

Iridology is a study of Iris of the eye, where in patterns, color & other characteristics are examined which indicate the systemic health of a human being.

Iridology charts are used as a reference, where in different organs systems correspond to different zones in each of the iris.

Modern Diagnostics

Anandamaya Wellness Center also uses the modern diagnostic tools of bio-chemistry, radiology, ultrasound scanning, CT & MRI scanning to determine the normal physiological or pathological state.