Acupuncture - The Ancient Medicine with Modern approach

Acupuncture is one of the “drugless therapies”, based on the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and recognised by WHO, and is  a treatment of choice for several  chronic ailments.

It involves the inserting of very fine, pre-sterilised, one-time use disposable needles on acu-points skilfully by a qualified Doctor.

The “acu-points” are energy points located on the energy meridians, which are imaginary pathways through which the energy called Qi (pronounced as 'chee'),  flows all over our bodies to maintain a state of homeostasis.

Stress and its Holistic Management (Contd...)

How does Holistic diet help to manage stress?

Holistic diet is one which is completely nourishing, natural, fresh and organic (devoid of fertilizers, pesticides & insecticides)

Stress and its Holistic Management - (Contd.)


Now that we have understood what stress is all about in detail, let us understand a little more of how to manage the stress in a holistic way.

How do we manage stress in a Holistic way?

Stress as we know is identified by our mind and tackled through our body. So, stress is intimately linked with our body-mind complex. In order to tackle stress, we should address not only the body, but also the mind in parallel so that the management becomes holistic.

Which are the tools to manage stress in a holistic way?

Stress and its Holistic Management

What is Stress?
Stress is normal physiological and psychological response system of the human body to the perceived stimuli from the external environment.
What kind of changes takes place in the human body following a stressful condition?

Guidelines for effective yoga learning & practice

Yoga is a highly effective tool to manage modern day turmoil at physical, breath, mental and intellectual aspects of a human being, if this practice is in tune with the ancient guidelines without expecting any quick fixes.

General tips -

Anxiety Disorders and Yoga

Anxiety is a generalized term for abnormal, irrational and illogical worry not based on facts.The cause could be due to substance induced anxiety, social anxieties, generalized medical condition, generalized anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder orsocial phobias.

Mental Health & Yoga

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity”. More recently, mental health has been defined as “a state of balance between the individual and the surrounding world, a state of harmony between oneself and others, coexistence between the realities of the self and that of other people and that of the environment”.